Tuesday, July 29, 2014

WIN a Wacom Intuos Pen + Touch Tablet with Pen & Peplum!

I'm so excited to be sharing a fantastic giveaway with you today! It's Miranti's birthday, so to celebrate, a group of bloggers have chipped in to give one of you an amazing present. Sounds good, right? The prize is a Wacom Intuos Pen + Touch tablet. If you're a designer, or edit images a lot, this tool is a game-changer. Many moons ago when I first tried a tablet in place of a mouse, I was dubious, but honestly, it's indispensable. I use mine every single day, even for non-creative tasks like web browsing and email.

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Wanna celebrate with us?

Here are the details:

+ the giveaway will run for two weeks until midnight on the 12th August 2014 (AEST).

+ to enter, simply use the widget below. Once you submit your first entry many (many!) more will pop up. You can choose to enter one or all, but more entries mean more chances of winning!

+ once the giveaway is over, a winner will be chosen at random and will be contacted for further details.

+ And yes, this giveaway is open to international readers.

Good luck!
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Colour Me... Magenta

We had an unintended hiatus from Colour Me last month, but today, Kyla from Kyla Is Inspired and are back with a post based around a colour theme. Today we are dreaming in Magenta. It was actually a little challenging to find that right shade of shocking pink, but I think I did ok :)

You can visit the previous posts under the Colour Me tag. Don't forget to pop on over to Kyla Is Inspired to see her collection too! My feature image this month is the perfect hair colour in illustrated form! Magenta Hair by chorkung via Behance.

Main Image | Magenta Hair by chorkung via Behance

1 | Kester Black Tutti Frutti Nail Polish
2 | Pendant Lamp Fabric Cord
3 | Ombré Tights in Electric
4 | Lace V-Neck Skater Dress
5 | 80's Vintage Shirt
6 | Jasart Right Pack Backpack


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekend Links v.14

If you know a cat that needs a little exercise *cough cough* check out this take on a cat-sized hamster wheel! The kickstarter is funded well beyond it's target, so I suspect Maggie isn't the only kitty with a generous girth.

A fascinating look at the culture of Eskimos in the photo series developed over 20 years.

My list of things that I'd like to see and do in Japan in November is growing to an unmanageable length! First, I found a cafe that serves Pikachu burgers. Second, Jacquie turned me on to High Tea at the Park Hyatt. I think the High Tea edges up the list, especially since I can sneak a drink in the New York Bar afterwards.

Mill Street Vintage stocks the most incredible collection of 50's dresses!

Any creators out there? Bloggers? Born hatin': Why some people dislike everything.

What a great collection of sweet and unique cards + stationary.

Ten ways travel changed my life forever.

Bethany has provided a really thorough look at growing your Pinterest following.

These crispy autumn veg burgers with apple cider slaw are delish!

26 time management hacks I wish I'd known at 20.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Found #104

If I wore these cicada wing earrings, I'd probably freak out every time the wing brushed on my neck, and cause a huge spectacle. But it would probably be worth it because they are beautiful and the general public could have a good giggle at me too...

It's been a really long time since I featured something from Petit Mort, and they are still coming up with killer jewellery! I love the tangled crochet chains that they create around the stones.

Oh foxes. So naughty, so sly and so cute (unless they're in The Mighty Boosh, in which case they are the most terrifying thing, ever) As the article states, they are one of the most charismatic creatures and photographer Roeselien Raimond has captured them in their full glory.

Of A Kind have done it again! I rarely see something on their site that I dislike. These earrings are a classic OAK selection. Simple, minimal, but not boring!
via: Of A Kind

Spotted on Eat Drink Chic: The most colourful, fun chocolates! Plus balloons and all manner of celebratory knick-knacks. Unelefante are based in Mexico and they're bringing the colour to your life! 

Here's to a nice weekend! Think of me and my 9am Monday deadline, okay?


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Instagram Challenge | July Colour Inspiration

Well hello you! I hope your week is coming along nicely! Since July is screaming by, it's high time that we had a little colour inspiration roundup for those of us participating in the #kittyandbuckcolor challenge. July's colour is turquoise, which is just everywhere, from the water to a pretty wall, your nails (?) and tonnes of other things. If you spot something turquoise in your wanders, take a pic and tag it with #kittyandbuckcolor. I'll be featuring my favourites at the end of the month. You can see the original announcement post here. Below are some of my favourite turquoise pics spotted recently:

1 | Amanda Howard
2 | Kenkō Kitchen
3 | Petrina Turner
4 | Hideaki Hamada
5 | Lauren Von Grimm
6 | Hello Sandwich

I hope to see your shots in the feed!