Freebie! Track Your Stats

Last week, Sarah released a new e-book called "How to Double Your Blog Traffic in 90 Days (or less!)". I know its been selling really well - Sarah always offers great advice, and with a title like that, how can it not?! One of the first things mentioned in the book is tracking your statistics, so I did what any self-respecting organisational freak would do and created a spreadsheet. Math is not my strong point, and neither are spreadsheets, so I'm quite proud that this one does what I want!

I'm using it to track the (hopeful) improvements I'm taking on board while I work through Sarah's book. If you're working through the same e-book, feel free to download a copy of the sheet and use it for yourself. If you haven't bought Sarah's book, you can get it here! If you're just interested in tracking some specific stats for your blog and social media, without doubling your traffic, you are most welcome to use the spreadsheet. You can find it here.

Technical information:

  • To use the spreadsheet, click on the link, it will open in Google Drive. Navigate to "File > Make a Copy" and rename the copy to whatever you want. The original file is set to "view only" so you cannot edit it until you save a copy.
  • Don't change any of the numbers to zero. They are at a minimum "1" by default, because, Math.
  • At the end of each month, the sheet will calculate a % change (+ or -) for each stat you are tracking (these are 1st-last of month review figures). I had the calculation happening daily, but the spreadsheet ran about as fast as I do up Breakfast Hill* (it's not very fast - and possibly backwards), so the calculations (and colours, borders and fonts) are kept to a minimum to speed up the spreadsheet performance.
  • The final row at the end of the 3 months will calculate the difference between your starting date numbers and the final stats after 3 months. So you can see an overall change in addition to monthly progress.
  • Don't type anything in the % columns, just type the stats in the relevant date under the heading you are recording.
  • You can delete any of the vertical rows (or ignore them) or change the stat you are recording (you might not want to track Facebook, but email subscribers instead, just change the headings)

*so named because when you run up Breakfast Hill, you lose your breakfast

I'd love to know if you get some use from this, and I'm happy to hear suggestions/feedback on how it works for you. I suppose I should mention that this post is not sponsored, I bought the e-book to support a blogger who I truly respect and admire, and I wanted to share this useful tool I was inspired to create with you guys too :)