Favourite Fonts | On Sale

Since I've been freelancing (for almost a whole year now! How fast does time fly?) I've needed to buy a lot more fonts than I did before. I might even buy too many fonts, because the lure of a fancy new typeface can be really tempting. It's like any job, when I was a bra fitter, I bought too much underwear, when I worked in an art store, I bought home way more art supplies than I ending up using. At least fonts don't take up too much space...

Here are some of my current favourites that are on sale - the best way to buy anything, don't you think?

Display // Sans Serif Fonts

Display and Sans Serif Fonts - Perfect for your next web or print project! | Favorite Fonts on Kitty & Buck
Handmade Fonts to give your next design project a little more personality and interest! | Favorite Fonts on Kitty & Buck
Script fonts on sale! For something a little bit fancy, classy or sweet, try one of these handwritten scripts. Perfect for typography art, wedding invites or infographics | Favourite Fonts on Kitty & Buck

1 | Showcase (50% off)

2 | Alek (35% off)

3 | Adorn Collection (included because it's a great value huge collection, but not on sale)

4 | Santis (50% off)

The sales are only available for a limited time, so get 'em before they're gone! I already own Showcase and it's great. I'll probably snag a couple more from this list too, which are your favourites?