My Top Five Email Subscription Lists

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The last thing most people need (or want) is more email. It's hard to know which email lists are worth signing up to when everyone offers one, and they all seem quite interesting on the surface. I've selected five of my favourites that have stood the test of time in my inbox. These cover inspiration, industry news, education, small business tips and creativity.


I love this list. There are a lot of articles centered around UX/UI design, but there is also a wealth of information shared that is relevant to all creative fields and beyond. I have found some really excellent links through this email, and some new websites that I visit on the regular. You can subscribe to the email and choose 'every day', 'twice a week' or 'once a week' to suit your email's dietary requirements.

Wordsmith - A Word A Day

Any vocabulary nerds out there? I wonder how much I retain, but it's fascinating to receive a new word in my inbox each day. It comes with a definition, a quick discussion on the etymology of the word and a real-world example of the word in use. Each week generally has a theme that the daily word follows.

Delancey Place

A daily email that contains a noteworthy excerpt from a book or speech. It's quite American-centric and often contains political, cultural, scientific and historical tidbits. You'll get anything from an article on Einstein to a study on how babies learn, to why the internet was invented. My favourite thing is being surprised by the subject matter each day and reading something you may not otherwise come across. If you love the excerpt, there's always a link to the full text so you can purchase the book as well.


Run by the folks behind the "Webbys", it's a fantastic source for finding websites and apps that are noteworthy, new and useful. It's a great place to discover the sites that are creating an impact in the web/app industry, before everyone else discovers them!

Create and Thrive

This list is run by Jess, the successful jewellery designer behind Epheriell. Aside from being a sweet lady, she is full of information about running a successful handmade/creative business, covering everything from pricing, photography, social media and tonnes more.

I am certain there are many more lists I could include on here. I do like the variety on this list, you get a little bit of everything from all of these email lists! Please feel free share your favourites in the comments, I'm always on the lookout for more quality reading.

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