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 Kitty & Buck - new website launch! Blogging about small biz, freelance life, and how I live and work in Japan!

Welcome to the new look Kitty & Buck! I’m so excited to launch this new space. In the past 12 months, I’ve been married (in Kyoto), continued to grow my freelance business, moved internationally and I’m now finally settled enough to commit to some kind of online routine! Early this year, we picked up and moved to Tokyo, Japan. We’re currently living a stone’s throw from the bright lights of Shinjuku, working on our freelance hustle and exploring this enormous city by bike as often as we can.

If you’re one of my friends from the blogger days, there will be a few changes to the blog that you’re used to. Previously, I blogged about everything and anything that took my fancy. It was a little directionless, if I’m honest, and I’d really like to provide something of more value for you, when you’re spending your precious moments of time to read what I’m putting out there. For now, I’ve decided to split Kitty & Buck into two segments, one focussed on giving fellow business owners, freelancers and 9-5 escape artists the tools they need to succeed in this self-employed game. My personal experience and expertise lie with organization skills, creative problem solving and technical skills related to graphics, photography and film, so I’ll be concentrating on providing super valuable content for everyone who wants to kill it with their blog, small business or side projects. You can find that stuff on this blog right here, and through the "Blog-Biz" link in the navigation.

I’m sure there are folks who are interested in the lifestyle of an Aussie girl in Tokyo, and I really wanted to keep the lifestyle section of my blog alive. I’ll be posting content about daily life in Japan, sharing photographs and travel tips for Japan in that space. You can navigate there by clicking "Blog-Lifestyle" in the navigation.

I’d love for you to follow both blogs, but I really wanted to give you the option to choose what you’re interested in and not be bothered by the biz stuff if that’s not your thing (and vice-versa!). I may change this format, depending on how it works out - so let me know what you think!

I’m also introducing a weekly newsletter, which will contain creative business tips and freebies, special discounts and links to content from both blogs.

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There’s so much to come! I’ve got a couple of live training sessions lined up, some amazing freebies and so much more! You can give your opinion on the new format, and let me know any topics that you’d like covered by leaving a comment below, or filling out my short and sweet reader survey.

I’m so happy to be back and I’m super excited to help you kick butt with your blogging and biz goals!

p.s. Since I have changed platforms, there's going to be a few broken links while I re-connect all of my old posts (manually! eek) So if you're looking for something and cannot find it, let me know and I can fix any links to posts that you're after. Otherwise, I'll have them all fixed in the coming weeks.