What I Wore - Mushroom Rainstorm

There's a method to my madness with that title. When I purchased this dress, I thought it had a cute abstract mushroom print all over, but when I got home I noticed the label said "Rainstorm Dress". I've made a compromise here folks. The reason for a lack of layers/accessories is that the temperature was through the roof when I took these and even the belt was too much warm on my body. It was one of those rare days where I would have gone for a swim just to cool down. Plus it was humid. I haven't felt that hot since I was in New Orleans!

This is one of my favourite necklace/bracelet combos. I try not to wear it too often, as the cherries and leaves are very fragile. They are bakelite and officially antique, not vintage! They are from the 1930's, and I've looked elsewhere for more of them, but they are pretty rare and super duper expensive! A Christmas gift from my mother in law after I lost my mind when I saw them at a vintage fair, she sneaked back to the stall and bought them for me as a surprise! 

This was a test shot, but I like it, so you get a bonus one of me holding all of my supplies I need to pick up pizza - car keys, wallet, phone and camera ;) I was actually looking at the house we were in front of, concerned that they were staring at me having my photo taken, haha!

You might have noticed I changed my hair (again) I went for a two tone, cupcake pink on the top layer and apple red (with a hint of violet) on the bottom layer. As I predicted, the red turned dark pink pretty quickly and the cupcake pink has gone quite pastel, which was the desired effect! The back is the same with some pastel purple, all in the pink family right now.

We have a few neighbourhood cats around, and I spotted this fellow as we were done shooting, I think it's a girl, nobody would name a boy Chrissy, right? Anyway, Chrissy is super sweet, she is my best neighbourhood cat friend, and she makes happy eyes at me when I walk by as she's basking in the sun. When I pet her she makes biscuits and purrs, she is super friendly. I noticed she has some fur missing, I hope she is ok, she is so beautiful. There's another cat who I call Enigma, and he is a short haired guy with a spiral on his side (hence the name). One day I called out "Hi Enigma" as I walked by, because he is super skittish and petrified of everything (he lives in the drain like IT all day long) so I never get close enough for a pet. 'Enigma's' mom stuck her head over the fence and I said "Oh, hi, I was just talking to your cat, what's his name?" She replied "Max." I said, 'Oh, I called him Enigma because of the spiral, now I know his real name!" and she rolled her eyes at me and pulled her head back. Some people are so rude. No wonder "Max" hides in the drain all the time.

Dress //

Princess Highway

Belt //


Shoes // Thrifted (Portland, Maine)

Necklace and Bracelet // Antique Bakelite Cherries

Rings // Sea of Bees

Fox Ring