Stylish Surprise Part 2

Yesterday I shared my

first experience

with lucky dip clothing. I ordered two "Stylish Surprises" and the second one ended up being two pieces, neither particularly stylish. I suppose it's all subjective though, so don't let me sway your opinion. I suspect that the person packing my box felt bad for me and threw an extra one in for good measure! The next stylish surprise was this very un-Modcloth like number (I call it the Elastic Monster, or the Shiny Scratchy People Eater)

I was dubious when I first saw it, but thought... "Aw, give it a chance, maybe it'll make a good top with another skirt over the top". I sucked it up (literally) and tried the 'dress' on. Since it is created from bands of elastic, it's pretty snug. Again, normally small is perfect, if not a little large for me. This would probably be small on a 10 year old! The moment I put it on, some of the seams tore and I magically achieved back muffin tops. It was not a pretty sight. Even less pretty was trying to get it off. I got halfway there, before being trapped with my arms above my head, back shoulder blades almost touching at the front, head trapped inside. I looked like a Hans Bellmer 


. Or something from Silent Hill. I screamed for help and C came to the rescue, yanking the thing off, lifting me up off the floor with it, the entire time laughing hysterically. I was left with some pretty nasty glitter burns all over the top part of my body. Needless to say, I didn't have the nerve (or skin) to put it on again to show you. It would've been funny though.

For the final Stylish Surprise, this dress arrived. There's nothing terrible about it, it's pretty thin fabric, quite short and not the greatest print. It reminds me of a really cheap dress from K-Mart (Walmart?) I wore it once with a skirt over, but it's pretty uncomfortable. Maybe I need a fuller skirt to put over it. Still... I don't know, I'm not sold on it.

I'm most happy with my Lavender surprise, as you may have guessed! I'm pretty disappointed with the other two, I'd happily swap them both for one good one (that fits and doesn't fall apart as soon as you put it on) I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to try the "Stylish Surprise" challenge again. Have you ever done a clothing lucky dip? Would you say it was a success?



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