Fashion in Japan part 2

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C found a shopping mall near our hotel and promised me I'd love it. We visited on our last day while we were waiting to head to the airport. It was 6 (?) floors of lolita, gothic lolita, visual kei, and probably a whole bunch of other fashion genres I don't know the names of. This salesgirl worked in Nude-n-Rude and I really wanted to buy those tights. I decided against it though, and have a slight bit of regret. I did get some awesome collar clips from her store, you'll see them soon, I'm sure! She was such a sweetheart, konnichiwa Nude-n-Rude girl!

Here's another picture of me looking awkward and incredibly large.

This girl was so cute! I was generally a bit shy about asking people to take a photo, but she was on our train to Disneyland and I was looking at her for so long, I couldn't stand not taking a picture! She had the most adorable panda accessories! I'm not sure she understood my terrible Japanese, but she didn't mind me taking her photo, even though she looks very serious about it!

I know it's not 'fashion', by dear lord, the construction workers in Japan rock! They look exactly like something from Gundam or Mazinger Z. If they weren't sporting these awesome reflector suits, they were wearing actual suits. The best dressed construction workers in the world!

We were exhausted and freezing after our night in the capsule hotel when we spotted "The Wanderers" The guy on the left was asking them what they were called, and why they were all matching. Mr. Fabulous Quiff said "We are the Wanderers" and they all laughed and strutted across the street.

I wouldn't be caught dead in crocs (except that one time) but they seem quite popular in Japan. They even try to make them prettier by giving them decorations to look like strawberries and donuts!

This is Chicago, a vintage chain store. I have never been in more organised vintage/thrift stores than in Japan. Check it out! Everything is categorised and SO neat! In case you're wondering where all the awesome American vintage clothing, shoes, bedding, fabric and pyjamas are, it's right here folks.

Just some cute pastel tie-back Converse. They are probably everywhere, but I haven't seen them, so I snapped a pic! You can also buy a sneaker wedge insert by Converse for the hi-tops over in Japan.

These pastel boots! My gosh. If my suitcase hadn't been full.... Look at them?!!!

This photo was taken in Mandarake, a huge manga store, we're in Broadway Mall, which is an Otaku shopping centre (an Otaku is like a MEGA-geek, and generally describes someone who has an obsessive interest in something) I love how much 'stuff' people accessorise with, so many toys and key rings and dangly bits on the bags/phones/outfits. More cute pastel right here :) Other things in Broadway mall: Vending machine shop, doll heads shop, tiny toys shop, gun otaku shop... I could go on. Basically a shop for every weird (or not so weird, depending on your perspective!) obsession under one roof. There was also a cafe where the girls dressed as cats and you paid them to be nice to you in half hour blocks. (sort of a maid cafe but not really) We didn't get to try it out...

Just some gals out for fun on a Monday night in Shibuya.

More plushies spied on the train! Maybe Monday is dress like a bear/cat night in Shibuya?

C is just sizing up this duck onesie. Too bad we were both too large. Story of our lives.



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