Interview with Sketchy Notions

Chelsea from Sketchy Notions is one talented lady. She illustrates the most beautiful watercolours, makes gorgeous books, and sells her wares online, all the while enjoying her love of traveling. I've asked her a few questions today about running a small business, working while on the road, and of course, her true love (location-wise!), Italy. Not only is Chelsea inspiring and talented, she's also a total sweetheart, I know you'll love her!

You make a living as an illustrator and bookmaker, which affords you the freedom to travel as well! How do you find working 'on the road'?

I love working on the road, and I actually prefer it! I love to move around and see as many new places as possible. When I'm home or in one place for too long, I start to lose steam with creating. The more I see, the more I sketch and make!

You have studied and worked in Italy, and you're currently based in California. Where do you think your next destination will be?

I will always want Italy to be my next destination! Italy will forever be special to me and I will never get enough of it. Ideally for my next adventure, I'd love to go to Portugal, Morocco and Croatia! They're all new places I've been dying to sketch, but also conveniently located pretty close to Italy! 

What is your favourite medium to work in? Where do you find inspiration and what is your favourite subject to illustrate/paint?

Watercolor is my favorite medium to work in, I always have a travel set of Windsor Newtons with me. I find inspiration everywhere, especially when travelling. I love visiting book shops and libraries in new countries. There are so many inspiring illustrators out there in the world! I like to paint a lot of different things, everything from sweet little birds for my children's books to quiet little alleys and giant cathedrals.  

How do you balance work and leisure when you're in travel-mode. Or what are some challenges of being self-employed?

Sometimes it can be little hard to stay focused on a project when the sights are so pretty. I'll usually give myself designated hours every day or non travel day to work if I have a commission, then the rest of the day for sightseeing and sketching.

It can also be challenging keeping the travel going when commissions dwindle or the Etsy shop is quiet. I'm still working on being completely self reliant on my work, but I'm lucky that I can supplement the slow times with teaching art lessons and workshops! 

What is the next project you have planned for Sketchy Notions?

For the next big project for Sketchy Notions, I'm working on self publishing my own children's books! As well as expanding my products and paper goods to incorporate my sketches and illustrations. A slight re-branding is in the works as well to tie together all the new stuff and the Notional Notions goodies too. I have a lot of ideas and things planned out so it's going to be a busy year!  

I am so excited to follow Chelsea along on her creative adventures, and perhaps live vicariously just a little bit. When I grow up, I think I'd like to be a traveling artist (!) If you'd like to find out more about Sketchy Notions, you can check out the links below. Feel free to stop by Chelsea's blog and say hi. Oh, and I almost forgot! You can get 10% off in her shop, Notional Notions with the code










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