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Desktop Wallpaper Freebie - Leonard Cohen inspirational quote | Kitty & Buck

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Last time I created a desktop wallpaper, I thought I'd make it a monthly thing. I was all gung-ho to design a desktop each month, I even made this one, but I couldn't really finish it. It's still not perfect by any means, but when I saw Kate's email with this Leonard Cohen quote, I figured it matched nicely and got over myself. Enjoy life's little imperfections, I say. If this wallpaper floats your boat, feel free to download it and apply it to your desktop, or wallpaper your phone or iPad with it. I made a secret promise to myself to design a freebie each month this year. Guess it's not so secret anymore! Wish me luck.

I also just had a moment thinking that "freebie" might be a terribly Australian slang kind of term like "sunnies" (thanks for reminding me Andrea) and g'day (nobody actually says that). Is "freebie" normal, or totally Australian and I should stop using bad slang?