Instagram Challenge | September Colour Announcement

To bring you up to speed, the Instagram challenge is designed to keep our photography flowing throughout the year, in the form of creating a nice collaborative rainbow. Each month will have a different colour theme. I'll announce a new colour monthly and then showcase my favourite shots on the blog at the end of the month.

If all goes according to plan, I think we'll be able to paint a beautiful spectrum on Instagram through the year, which you can watch unfold by searching the hashtag


I'm so excited for September, mostly because I got to photograph a banana... It's spring here in Sydney and I've already been spotting yellow blooms around the place. Whether it's spring or autumn where you are, I'm sure you can find pops of yellow all around you. Share your best finds on Instagram using the hashtag


and add your work to our feed.

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Remember, if you are private, let me know your username in the comments if you'd like me to see your pictures and I'll follow you.