Weekend Links v.20


Well, it's weekend links on a Monday - better late than never I suppose :)

I feel like everyone must have seen Walter the dog running with wild abandon by now, but if you missed it, this video will make you smile (and wish you were a dog)

There's a new superhero on the streets of Japan, but instead of fighting crime, he's fighting trash

This park in Austria turns into a lake in the summer

Six tips for staying creative without colleagues

If you're ever stuck for a good book to read, maybe pick one from  David Bowie's Top 100 Books list I'm pretty sure anything you choose will be a winner

And if you're going to read one of David Bowie's favourite books, you should probably do it wearing these incredible gold beatle boots

I'm always on the lookout for new fonts, True North Font Pack contains a vintage inspired font and a pretty cursive script as well as a tonne of vector icons

Any October birthdays out there? This is a pretty sweet birthday card

How much longer until November? I can't wait to be here.

I made mini-fake-burgers awhile ago. I bet these taste better! Mini-burger cupcakes get in my belly

Happy Monday! (or very early on Tuesday if you're in my time-zone)