Found #107

Let's be honest, this pillow sums up my week (month?) perfectly. I'm ready. via: Jasmine Dowling

I have a fascination with the way nature takes over a place when us people leave it be. There's a beautiful decay in the scenery photographed by Daniel Traub in inner city Philadelphia, in the places abandoned by people and reclaimed by nature.

via: Feature Shoot

The "Canyon Series" hand painted porcelain plates from Red Raven Studio are exquisite.

via: Red Raven Studio

These bee collar clips are so cute! Bzz.

via: Dapper And Swag

To get me in the mood for the aforementioned sleep, here are some 'gazing at the moon' tea towels. Goodnight!

via: Little Lark



Found #106

Have you seen "Wrap" magazine? It's such a lovely volume, celebrating all things paper, and comes with pull out prints for your own wrapped creations.

via: Wrap

It would probably be a bad idea for me to get this coffee table. I'd stare at it for hours and get lost in it's deep ocean-blue depths.

via: Lost At E-Minor

Dani from Lucky Number Seven posted about Lou & Grey recently and I really like their simple basics. Perfect for layering and casual lounging :)

via: Lou & Grey

Whoa. On the other end of the spectrum, this 1950's dress has the most amazing print! Beautiful.

via: When Decades Collide

Speaking of gorgeous vintage, look at these boots!? I'm pulling out my tiny violin and lamenting my big feet that never fit in vintage shoe sizes. Boo.

via: Story of Things

Happy Friday everyone!



Found #97

These aerial photographs from Daily Overview remind me of the work of Andreas Gursky. There's something strange in the hyper-real depictions. The website is fascinating, so grab a cup of tea first! You can see truly weird architectural planning, tragedies of industry, natural landscapes and more, from all over the world.

My cats need to be a hamburger. I should get them one each, so they don't hurt each other in a fight over the most awesome pillow(?) blanket(?)... cat-thing, ever.

When I saw the jewellery of Abby Seymour on The Design Files, I was immediately taken by it's beautiful imperfections and rough edges. There are some lovely unique pieces in the collection,

We've been having a spell of toasty weather in Sydney the past week or two, but I'm under no illusions that winter is going to bite soon. Obviously, I'll be needing a ridiculously adorable sweater to keep myself warm, right?

image via: Decor8

Holly had some interesting topics up for discussion on her Future of Blogging post this week. She definitely addressed some issues that I've noticed and been thinking about for awhile. Take a look, especially if you're a blogger, and have a think about what the future of blogging looks like to you.


Found #96

Continuing with the travel theme, this week's Found is all about wanderlust. How adorable is this Bon Voyage Card from My Dear Fellow Co?! I'm not sure why I always associate the saying with travelling by ship, it simply means "have a safe trip" or "have a nice journey".

Sometimes it's difficult to keep all of your important papers together. While I've been known in the past to have a random stash throughout random pockets, I think something like this passport case from Kikki-K is a great idea. You can keep your passport, boarding passes, cards, cash and itinerary details (hotel booking sheets, luggage collection tags etc) inside one handy wallet.
via: Kikki-K

I've been looking for a world map to chart my travels for some time, but I never seem to find one I like very much (that doesn't cost the earth). But this one! Maybe I've found a solution. You can choose from a range of colours and you can write on the map too! I love the idea of marking off places I have been, seeing how few places I've seen will definitely motivate me to find new places to visit.
via: Glassnam

Just a cute reminder to go out and see the world.

When I saw this travel box DIY on A Pair and a Spare, I couldn't believe I haven't done something like this. I have a paper drift from my various travels, I just might need to organise it - DIY time over here!

If there's something I can recommend for anyone who is thinking of travelling, it's a decent bag! Once you stash your suitcase and start exploring, you're probably going to have a camera, maps, water bottles etc. While a handbag looks cute, it gets heavy perched on your shoulder. A good quality backpack like this Camera/Laptop Bag from ONA is the best way to carry all that stuff around, plus it keeps your hands free for exploring :)
via: ONA

A cute gift for your explorer friends.

If you're fairly new here, or missed my travel posts in the past, here's some weekend reading for you, perhaps it will inspire your next trip!

USA Summer 2011 - Montana, Toronto, Buffalo to Miami! An epic road trip that I'd love to do again!
(we also visited New Orleans LA and Tucson AZ but I didn't blog about these... I think I ran out of steam - let me know if you're interested!)

Australia - Various trips around Australia including Queensland, the red centre (Northern Territory), the Blue Mountains, Melbourne, Canberra and the Great Ocean Road.

Japan Spring 2013 - Cherry Blossom season in Japan! We started in Tokyo and travelled all the way to Yakushima, an island off the southern tip of Japan's southernmost main island, Kyushu.

Japan Fall 2013 - Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo!

More travel advice tips, including packing light and planning your trip.

Travel Guidebooks - I hope to expand this section, but for now, you can see my Craft Shopping in Tokyo guide if you're heading to Japan (or love craft supplies, it will make you swoon!)


Found #95

This week's Found post has been pushed a day late this week as I announced the May Instagram challenge colour yesterday (I hope to see your pictures in the #kittyandbuckcolor feed)

Things are starting to get chilly in Australia (in Sydney, anyway) so I'm all about blankets, cardigans sweaters and coats right now! I wish we had seasons, but unfortunately we seem to have gone from hot and muggy to freaking freezing overnight. The above blanket looks so perfect and cozy for a movie night, or even a nice campfire warmer.

If you've ever been to Japan, you'll know that Japanese kids are ridiculously adorable. I don't know why, maybe it's something in the water? These photographs by Japanese photographer Nagano Tokyokazu show his daughter in the most adorable scenes, she's quite the play-actor!

I Love Mona is a favourite of Kitty & Buck, and this weekend they are having a sale - $29 tops! There's a few to choose from, handmade and cute! Perfect for all you summer-lovin' ladies in the Northern Hemisphere right now.

This bag reminds me of something you might stumble across in an ancient flea market, buried beneath a pile of old magazines and covered in dust. This Benicio Camel Tote from Moorea Seal saves you the trouble of being incredibly lucky at the flea markets, as it's available in her online store. Gorgeous.

I'm not sure if I'm posting about the graphic design or the product in this one! I was immediately attracted by the simple typography and fantastic colour palette that compliments the brown glass apothecary style bottles. But on second thoughts, the range from Jacqueline Evans Skincare looks delicious, all organic and carefully considered ingredients. I might need to give it a try!

Marianne has been posting about her recent trip to London, it's making me reminisce! This post about her trip to Colombia Road Flower Markets is around my old digs, so I'm feeling extra sentimental!

I hope your weekend is full of good times! Don't forget to enter the Sticky9 giveaway, it's ending soon!