Caturday! + Clearing The Air

We've been painfully enduring a lot of Nico cuddles lately ;) This cat. While she has loved a good (and constant) snuggle from day one, and constantly nags you to get into the bed so she can cuddle you, she's been even more demanding lately. (Once she even propositioned the cable guy). We are all too happy to oblige, as evidenced on the @KittyandBuck Instagram this week.

Today we ventured out to the nursery and purchased some indoor plants. It's been a long time coming, but I've always been extra cautious about what is and isn't ok for cats. A good thing I checked too, because the instant the plants were inside, Maggie attacked them like they are her very own salad bar. It already feels great, there's something about having plants inside that clears the air and makes everything feel more fresh (and lets be honest, just a little 1970's).

I should remind you to enter any final {white} themed images into the #kittyandbuckcolor Instagram Challenge. Even if you don't join in, check out the hashtag, there's a bunch of amazing photos. I'll be sharing my favourites next week, so be quick!

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I hope your weekend is going well, I finally started my calligraphy class, and I'm staining some bookshelves and doing some macramé. I feel oh so productive!


Caturday! Visiting a Cat Cafe in Tokyo (^._.^)ノ

Have you heard about the Cat Cafe concept? It was invented in Taiwan, but became world famous through it's popularity in Japan. Its a way for people who are unable to own their own pet in their apartment to have a place where they can go and interact with some furry friends. You pay a fee (around $10) to enter the 'cafe' for an hour, where you can pet the cats, play with them and just chill out. It's not really a cafe, although you can order a drink or food if you'd like to.
There are also bunny cafes, dog cafes and even owl cafes. The concept is quite popular around Europe now, and also in Korea. I'm pretty sure that an owl cafe, while adorable on the surface, is probably not in the best interest of the owls.
The cat cafe we visited was in Shinjuku, and the cats were all very relaxed, well cared for and generally in a good mood. I imagine that they probably get tired of attention sometimes, but when we visited, there were only around 6 people inside, and the cats have 2 floors of very spacious accommodation  so they could withdraw if they wanted some peace and quiet. There were some strict rules too, don't chase the cats, no picking up the cats, no rubbing their bellies, and no interacting with a sleepy cat (amongst many others).
We met so many beautiful kitties during our visit. I was shocked to find 2 cats that were as big as our dear Hobbes (damn I miss that guy), I've never seen a cat as large as he was before. (they were brothers, of the Maine Coon variety - one is in the top pic of this post).
C purchased some kitty treats so that I could feed them. I held no illusions that they were actually in love with me and wanted to be my best friend (cats are so fickle), but it felt pretty good to have the cats gather around me like a loyal army of darkness. (that's what we called our brood) Also, erm... is that Nico's Japanese cousin sitting on my lap? So funny!!
All in all, the cat cafe was really fun. I met my first Persian cat - I'm amazed they survive at all with their smooshed faces, how do they eat and drink?! The one we went to had very sweet staff who obviously loved the cats and took great care of them. The kitties seemed comfortable and happy, too. Have you ever visited a cat cafe? How about a bunny cafe? Man, I would die of cute overload I think! I had to explain to Nico and Maggie when we arrived home that I wasn't cheating on them, just visiting the other cats. I'm not sure if they were convinced or not...


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It's been a while between cat pictures, so I snagged some from my instagram to share with you. Nico is completely obsessed with reading lately and Maggie really enjoys a big cuddle (she's headbutting me in this one!). She's going to get shaved next week, and she will be the happiest cat on the block. Happy Caturday!
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Caturday - Mahō Neko

It was a cool night in Kyoto and we'd just finished a lovely feast of Okonomiyaki. As we wandered through the Geisha District, we spotted a cute white cat with a couple of Japanese guys standing close by, attempting to show it some love and cuddles. The cat seemed a little bit stand-offish, and I hesitated in approaching it, because you know, sometimes cats have had E-NOUGH and want people to leave them alone. The next thing that happened was hilarious. I probably said something in stilted Japaned along the lines of "kawaii" (cute) and "neko" (cat) and crouched down to see if the kitty would approach me for a pet. Not only did the cat approach me, it ran under my cape and climbed up onto my lap, snuggled down and started purring furiously!
The two Japanese guys were amazed. We got talking (me awkwardly crouched on the street with a cat inside my coat) and found out they they were visiting from Tokyo and one was a web designer, the other a motion graphics designer (like me!). They spoke English well and offered to show us around Tokyo when we returned in a couple of weeks. With that, we dubbed the cat "Mahō Neko" which means "Magic Cat" and thanked him/her for the introduction to some lovely new friends. We met up later on in Tokyo and had a lovely time, thanks to Mahō Neko we have lovely new friends in Tokyo! (I love how defiant Mahō Neko looks in this last picture! So cute it brings a tear to my eye :)

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Caturday - Nico Organised Neatly

Well, it's Saturday, so you know what it's time for? Household chores! Hooray! I know this sounds really boring, but I was folding the laundry (are you still with me?) and I left the room for a moment. When I returned, there was something wrong with my clothes. Something, still neatly folded, but ever so slightly... strange?
If I knew Nico was going to make me a lovely photo op, I would've smoothed the sheet out on our bed before I folded the clothes on it. Live and learn I guess. She's so cute, isn't she? I love how she slotted herself into the empty space I was saving for another stack. Little paws tucked in, looking oh so innocent and not out of place at all. You also get the added bonus of seeing inside my brain. Does anyone else stack clothes into sections according to the shelves they go into the closet? Or is that just me? Oh well. I hope you like my Caturday pics regardless :)

I just realised how spherical Nico looks. I assure you, it's all fur! She is SO fluffy.


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