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DIY | Shibori - Japanese Fabric Dyeing: Guest Post

step by step Japanese fabric dyeing

Kittenhood is one of my favourite blogs, so when Daria asked me to help out with a guest post while she was on vacation, there was no question in helping her out. If you're interested in fabric dyeing, Japanese style, head on over to Kittenhood to see my guest post. Even if you're not, check out Daria's blog, it's a fabulous concoction of DIYs, fashion and cats. You'll fall in love, I'm sure,



Guest Post: Women Who Inspire with Lemon Freckles

Today I'm so happy to share a feature that is a regular over at Lemon Freckles, Women Who Inspire. Toni is a lovely English gal, and I know you'll love her blog, so please take second and pop over to say hello. But wait, hang on! Read her post first, then say hello. OK? Here she is:

Over at Lemon Freckles I run a weekly blog post on 'Women Who Inspire', which gives me the opportunity to share about some inspirational women from around the world and also hopefully inspire some others, as well as myself.  I hope you enjoy the post and I would really love to hear your thoughts and opinions.  Happy readings! 

Malala Yousafzai

I've decided to do this weeks post on someone I guess isn't classed as a woman but rather a girl, however after reading her incredible story I knew there was so much to gain from her life already, even though she is only 15 years old.
Malala Yousafzai first got the attention of the public at the tender age of eleven when she wrote a blog under a pseudonym for the BBC which detailed her life under the Taliban rule in Mingora. On her blog she shared about her fear of the Taliban but how she would not allow them to hold her back from gaining a education and wanting to become a doctor.  
A year went by and the New York Times contacted her to do a documentary on her life and the effects of her school being shut down by the Taliban.  As time went on she became more and more public with various media outlets contacting her, wanting to learn more of her situation and the effects the Taliban on her and other people in her village.  Yousafzai's voice was being heard around the world and was gaining the attention as the press, as well as the Taliban. In 2011 she was even nominated for the Children's Peace Prize, which was also around the time she decided to change her career  route from being a doctor to a politician.
At 14 years old Yousafzai came up against something no one, let alone a young girl, should ever be faced with, when a masked gunman came onto her school bus and shot her in the head and neck. A Taliban spokesman confirmed that she had been a target due to her crusade for women to be allowed education and that this should be a "lesson" for others. After being in critical care for some time and being sent to the United Kingdom for intensive rehabilitation she survived and is now back where she should be, in education. Yousafzai will be turning 16 this year and what will she be doing to celebrate her birthday? She will be flying to New York, where she will be giving her first public speech at the United Nations, which I know I personally cannot wait to hear what she has to share. This beautifully courageous young woman has so much to give and I can't wait to see what an incredible impact she is going to have on this world. 

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Guest Post: Life, Beauty, Music with lindsey duffin

Hi there! Today I'm really pleased to introduce Lindsey, who blogs over at lindsey duffin. Lindsey is super sweet and is a musician and prolific sewer, amongst other things. Check out her guest post below, I won't ruin her introductory post by spilling too many beans. Please take a second to pop over to her blog and say hello! ~Kitty xo
Hello everyone, I am so happy to write to all of you Kitty & Buck readers! My name is Lindsey and I am a nineteen year old blogger from Texas. I wanted to share with you why I started blogging and what it means to me!
I remember going to a small town school that was filled with "clicks". There were some students who felt out of place, and I was one of them. I remember the "read aloud" assignments in class and how I would use different voices for characters, and apparently, that was sooo lame. The cool thing to do in school was slack off, not be creative, and conform to all those around you. From an early age I would get frustrated that all my friends wanted to do when we hung out was get on Myspace or watch movies, when all I wanted to do was create something.
Now, supporting myself as a full time musician, I have bright days all to myself. (I play late night gigs, so my work hours are usually from 10pm - 2am.) With all this time I get to channel my creativeness and go crazy.
In my LIFE I enjoy sewing, any DIY projects, writing music, learning about graphic design, hairstyling, painting, anything outdoors, organizing, cooking, and of course, blogging.

 photo Untitled-1_zpsa7e97289.jpg
A skirt, scarf and dress I made!
 photo skirty-Copy_zpsdddb8404.jpg
Homeade shirt and skirt
What I find BEAUTIFUL are people. I love when people want something and work towards goals. I love when people come together to be good to others who have seen tragedy. I find the 1950s beautiful. Polka dots, bright colors, fluffy hair, modesty, it's all pretty!
MUSIC is very special to me and has been my whole life. I love writing songs, playing in front of people, and just creating unique pieces. I play the fiddle, mandolin and I also sing. I started a YouTube channel to share with everyone (including my fiddle students) my love for music and my wide range in style! I only have one video up for now, and have lots more to come ;)

 photo 548659_500992969913952_1837117438_n_zpsd916e41e.jpg
Playing a gig in Dallas!
I started this blog to hopefully inspire those who don't know what their passions in life are, and those who may get bored too often. To those of you who ever felt out of place in your life, I'm right there with you! It's okay though, I believe that finding out what you love and enjoy in life is important. Since I have figured those out in my own life, I want to be able to share those things with you through my blog amidst Life, Beauty, and Music. (:

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Guest Post with Magic Cat Jenny - Vlogging vs Blogging

Click on any images in this post and you'll be taken to the video they are from.
Hi, I'm Jenny and I am a blogger and I'm also a YouTuber.  Yes, one of those people unafraid to talk to a camera and who find more peace in editing a video for hours than taking a hot bath.  I open up to the world and un-anonymously share my opinions. I do random sketches and make beautiful music videos.  I collaborate with people I've never meet in person and meet people in person whom I have known online only for months. It's a strange world to those not experiencing it, but once you give it it a shot it can be amazing.

A shot from 'Don't Forget' my half of a two part story I wrote with another YouTuber.
My channel, MagicCatJenny, is a little over a year old.  I have been vlogging, however, for about three years now. The trick to understanding YouTube and the community is to become fully immersed in it.  You can't just post a video and let it be, you have to communicate with other vloggers.  Subscribe to channels, comment on their videos, and don't expect a thousand views overnight.  I have just over 700 subscribers but I worked for them and I am quite far from being 'well known'.  I create videos because I enjoy it, it's my passion, and I never do anything 'just for the views'.

In this video I am talking about a collab channel I was a part of for over a year. I show a time-laps of my experience as a part of the channel.
My channel is not too specific in content.  I do vlogs (video blogs) where I talk to the camera directly and ask questions or talk about whatever I feel like.  They are a bit silly and I love experimenting with different editing tricks.  I know a lot of local bands and sometimes I make music videos to their songs for fun.  Other times they'll commission me to make an official music video for them.  I also have been posting episodes from the series I directed, edited, and co-wrote in college.  It's a spoof reality show called LMU's Next Top Ridicously Good-Looking Person.

A photoshoot scene from LMU's Next Top Ridicously Good-Looking Person.
So take a look at my channel and subscribe if you are intrigued.  Also, if you are new to YouTube and are looking to start a channel, let me know! I can answer questions and help you out. Lots of bloggers use YouTube and Vimo interchangeably but they are both very different. YouTube is where you want to be if you are looking for more than just a video hosting service.  Good luck!

Blog: (I wrote more about my YouTube history there, check it out!)

Thanks for sharing your vlogging experiences Jenny! Personally I quite enjoy watching bloggers vlog, it's always fun to see someone's body language and hear their voice when you're so used to just reading their words on a screen. What do you guys think?

Guest Post with The Vagabond Studio - Peace

 photo 99f88c5c-67ad-4a2f-9e04-7651827994ef_zpsd9bf7802.jpg Hello, Kitty and Buck readers! My name is Shai and I blog over at The Vagabond Studio. Today, I want to talk to you about something on which I think we can all agree: Peace. See, I’m a Political and Social Philosophy major, and a Peace Studies minor. I get to take awesome classes like ‘Peace and Human Rights,’ ‘Peace Movements,’ and ‘Peace and Religion.’ Peace is just...sort of my thing.

You know what people who love peace generally do? They talk about it, like I am doing with you here today. They go to rallies and pressure the government to change positions on war and nuclear weapons. They give lectures on the environment, or religious globalism. They become activists. Me, though? I’m a little scaredy-cat. I can write papers and essays all day long, but actually getting in front of people and staking my claim in the matter? I’d pass out first.

Over the last couple of months, though, something in me just ‘clicked’. The lion in me has started to peek out and I’ve come to the realization that I have things I want to share with the world and causes I want to support. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am an intelligent, capable person with a sound voice and keeping my mouth shut is doing a disservice to the people I could be helping. I can speak publicly. Since making that decision, I received the news that I am one of twenty-five people accepted into the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s Peace Leadership Workshop this summer. One of Twenty-Five!! In the whole world!! Talk about a kick-in-the-pants ‘You have to do this!’ moment. It’s basically a week of peace leadership training with one of my peace-related heroes - a dream come true. Even better, he is personally training us, and will teach us to speak publicly!!

I will spend seven days in Santa Barbara learning how to put my dreams into motion. Just receiving this news has lit a fire under me - I’m speaking in class more often, presenting ideas to professors, and am even helping with student workshops next month. I realized that I have a voice, and I will use it without fear. So, this summer I will be traveling from Atlanta to Santa Barbara to attend the week-long NAPF Peace Leadership Workshop, and I need your help getting there! I have awesome perks in my fundraiser just for bloggers because, you know, bloggers rock my socks. I want to help the water crisis. I want to help end war. I want to spread equality, love and compassion across the world. And, you know what? I know you do, too, in some way or form. Will you help me face my fear, reach my goal, and spread peace? You can either donate (every little dollar helps!) or tweet and share my fundraiser with your friends!

Thank you so much for sharing your journey Shai, it's so inspiring to see someone following their dreams, especially when they dream of making the world a better place! If anyone would like to find out more, head on over to The Vagabond Studio, or the fundraising page. There are some rewards especially for bloggers, so you should take a look if you're thinking of supporting, you could also land some bloggy benefits for yourself :)