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Creative Ladies - Jessica-T

Jessica-T is a Brisbane-based accessories label that supplies and develops fashion products for some of the biggest names in Australian fashion. The label's retail collections are stocked in over 100 stores around Australia and internationally. I first encountered Jessica-T when I found this gorgeous hourglass necklace. Since then, Jessica-T products have been featured a bunch of times on Kitty & Buck.
The company founder, Jessica studied Fashion Design at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) after high school and graduated with honors. After cutting her teeth working with a major Australian retailer as a fashion buyer and then a product developer, she branched out on her own and formed the Jessica-T label. For a young company, Jessica-T has already gathered an impressive collection of accolades, including Jessica being a Queensland Finalist for the Telstra Young Business Women's Awards!

I selected a few of my favourite items currently in stock, you can see the full range over at the Jessica-T website.

Creative Ladies | Color Me Missy

Honyuet is the lady behind Color Me Missy, a jewellery store based in Singapore. Color Me Missy jewellery is simple and stylish, perfect for everyday wear. Honyuet designs, makes and photographs each item herself, another amazing one-woman operation in the land of handmade business. Aside from the pretty ready-made range, Color Me Missy offers personalised jewellery as well, which is perfect if you're after something special as a gift, with your own touch.

Some of my favourite pieces from Color Me Missy

To complement Color Me Missy, Honyuet runs a sister store called Glitz and Love, specialising in bridal and bridesmaid accessories. For when you need a little more sparkle! I don't know where this girl finds the time! All items are available for international shipping, so anyone can enjoy some handmade goodness all the way from Singapore.

If you want to find out more, you can like Color Me Missy on Facebook or check out Honyuet's inspirations on Pinterest.


Under The Shade Of A Bonsai Tree Giveaway!

Jacquie from Under The Shade of a Bonsai Tree has long been a friend of Kitty & Buck. A creative Australian lady, based in Tasmania, Jacquie creates beautiful jewellery and accessories from Tasmanian wood, Japanese paper and other materials such as polymer clay and acrylic. You can see me wearing a number of her pieces on the blog, including her Origami Crane (and here), the Harajuku Bows range (and here), and her Patchwork Brooch (and here). I have to admit, I was pretty chuffed to be able to take the Harajuku Bows on a visit to Harajuku in Japan!

Under The Shade of a Bonsai Tree has obvious Japanese influences, especially when you consider the use of Japanese Chiyogami paper in pieces like the gorgeous faceted wooden bead necklaces. There are origami inspired pieces, cherry blossoms and koi featured in the designs. But it's not all Japanese, there are aspects of arts and crafts in the patchwork range, bold geometric designs, and always, the influence of nature in both the materials and subject matter. There's something for everyone, while still maintaining a distinct style that tells you that this is a piece by Under The Shade of a Bonsai Tree.

Not only is Jacquie's work unique and beautiful, but it is all handmade in Tasmania and a percentage of profits also goes to, which provides micro-loans for people in poverty stricken countries in order to enable them to open or grow their own businesses. So you get extra feel-good points for supporting an indie business lady as well as others around the world.

Today I'm really excited to be offering one lucky reader the chance to own their own Harajuku Bows! The winner will receive either a Harajuku Bows Brooch OR Harajuku Bows Necklace in the colour of their choice, with a matching pair of Harajuku Bow Earrings as well. All you need to do to enter is follow the directions on the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Interview and DIY over at How.Do

In the interest of creating something special and handmade for your loved one this Valentines Day, How.Do approached me to contribute one of my DIY projects for their app. You can check out their interview with me over on the How.Do blog, where you can also find a link to my DIY project for creating a paper book cover (Japanese style). It's slightly different from the version that you can see here on the blog, because the images are accompanied by a voice telling you what to do. I was really nervous to record my voice. Like everyone I've met, ever, I hate hearing my voice recorded. But I think it came out okay!

Let me know if you have a listen, and if you think hearing a DIY like this is more helpful than just reading words with pictures. I really enjoyed the process and I think it's a great way to share a DIY project - you can sign up for the How.Do app and find many more DIYs, recipes and other tutorials as well (it's free!)


*This is not an affiliate post, I just think this app is great fun!

Creative Ladies: Chelsea from Sketchy Notions

Hello! My name is Chelsea and I am the eccentric artist and maker behind Sketchy Notions! 
My favourite thing about my job is being challenged and inspired by my clients and the things they ask me to create. It's a pretty incredible and lucky job to have. Being able to sit and watercolor for hours on end is a nice perk too.
If I wasn't an artist, I would love to explore stunt driving! It's kind of a family tradition.
If you knew me in real life, you would know that I'm a recovering procrastinator and yet very detail oriented. I also tend to hoard art supplies, I know I'll find a use for it all one day...
People are always telling me that I am ...honestly, no one tells me much. I tend to be a homebody, I'd have to leave my art bubble for someone to tell me something! 
If I had to choose one place to live for the rest of my life, it would be Carpinteria, California (with regular visits to Italy!) When I'm not working, I love to cook and bake, I'm trying to be more ambitious with my cooking this year. Chances are I'm plotting or daydreaming my next adventure too.
In 2014, I will be fearless and finally self-publish a book, no excuses this year. I hope that I'll be able to knock off everything on my to-do list this year and I know that I'm going to have to hustle like no other to pull it all off!
If I could give one piece of advice it would be always say yes to traveling! (and for fellow procrastinators, no Netflixs before noon! )

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Chelsea, she's such a great gal! If your interest is piqued, please head on over to her store, Sketchy Notions, and check out more of her beautiful work (plus some gorgeous Valentines Day cards). You can also find some behind the scenes action on her blog. Sketchy Notions is also on Instagram and Twitter

Thanks so much for joining us today Chelsea, it's been great having you!