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Weekend Links v.20


Well, it's weekend links on a Monday - better late than never I suppose :)

I feel like everyone must have seen Walter the dog running with wild abandon by now, but if you missed it, this video will make you smile (and wish you were a dog)

There's a new superhero on the streets of Japan, but instead of fighting crime, he's fighting trash

This park in Austria turns into a lake in the summer

Six tips for staying creative without colleagues

If you're ever stuck for a good book to read, maybe pick one from  David Bowie's Top 100 Books list I'm pretty sure anything you choose will be a winner

And if you're going to read one of David Bowie's favourite books, you should probably do it wearing these incredible gold beatle boots

I'm always on the lookout for new fonts, True North Font Pack contains a vintage inspired font and a pretty cursive script as well as a tonne of vector icons

Any October birthdays out there? This is a pretty sweet birthday card

How much longer until November? I can't wait to be here.

I made mini-fake-burgers awhile ago. I bet these taste better! Mini-burger cupcakes get in my belly

Happy Monday! (or very early on Tuesday if you're in my time-zone)



Weekend Links v.19


Bye, Google Maps I'm sold!

Do you have an Etsy account? Or thinking of setting one up? Etsy recently launched the Etsy Design Awards, and Australian sellers can win a trip to Etsy HQ in Brooklyn and be featured in Inside Out magazine!

This shop has the greatest Mexican print pillows! I can't decide if I want the Cactus, the Watermelon or La Calavera

How to apologise properly. Good advice for everyone!

An eye-opening portrait series of scientists as they discuss their greatest fears about climate change.

I just started this course, so far it's a winner! Get Stuff Done Like a Boss: Design Your Workflow and Double Your Productivity in 21 Days.

If you've ever lived in London, you'll know the value of an un-steal-able bicycle. Most bikes in that city have a lifespan of around 8 days ;)

Please tell me someone out there has a pet tortoise - this is the greatest thing ever.

Put an end to Brotalitarianism - be a misfit!

Kelsea just launched her shop with the "Wonderland Collection". Super Kawaii!

We made another travel video, this time in the misty, magical Blue Mountains.

How was your weekend? I fell into a post-deadline stupor for a few days, but I'm back on normal work hours again, so looking forward to sleep, exercise and, I don't know... reading a book?

I hope you have a productive and rewarding week :)



Weekend Links v.18


A French-trained Japanese pastry chef has made the most adorable teddy bear cookies. Full Stop.

A fascinating look at how sleep improves your ability to learn a new language.

Mind. Blown. This electronic makeup video is incredible. Even though I do some projection work for my job, this is still amazing to me.

I could get lost in the Flickr feed of Japan photos for hours...

I want to believe.

Understanding the Google Analytics dashboard - so helpful for anyone bamboozled by that big interface.

The appeal of unhappy cities - US based but still so interesting. Looks like living in Louisiana is the bomb? Any LA-ites out there? Do you concur?

Wowsers. This ring is so beautiful.

D'aww. Get a custom made polymer clay 'portrait' necklace or brooch made of your kitty!

There's utility in your bad ideas.

I hope you had a good weekend! I'm just wrapping up a huge job, so things should be more normal around here from now on! Fingers crossed :)



Weekend Links v.17


This is such a good system - everyone should follow it! For everyone out there who calls as they hit 'send' to ask "Did you get my email?"

Just a little somethin' to add to my mountain of "things I must see in Japan" - this time it's a cat shrine.

I love the colours in this rug!

Dreaming about this camera. Dreaming.

And when dreams really do come true. Get your own Flux Capacitor.

You'll probably want to keep your flux capacitor safe in this tribal print bag :)

Calling all you perfectionists out there. Just do your best.

One more for the road: Keeping your inner critic in check.

In case you missed it on Kitty & Buck:

We made a video!! Come on a journey to a lovely Australian rural area called Kangaroo Valley. It's the first video I've ever made for Kitty & Buck, so I'd love to know your thoughts (C did the music too!)



Weekend Links v.16


If you can spare 10 minutes, please help out MindCrowd with their research into Alzheimer's and other brain related diseases. All you need to do is a quick mind test quiz! They're after 1 million participants, plus you can find out how you compare.

Need to impress? Try these pantsthis top and these shoes! Woo woo ;)

This watercolour herb poster would look so cute in your kitchen.

Have you seen the cocoa farmers trying chocolate for the first time? It's lovely and sad all at once.

A rare photograph of Mt Fuji's shadow - the mountain is normally covered in mist, so this view is really special!

These red velvet soy melts sound (smell?) so decadent!

The reality of running your own creative business.

Party's over. Whoa.

Brass pineapple ice bucket. Get in my kitchen.

Can a six hour workday... work?

In case you missed it on Kitty & Buck this week:

How to Get Married in Japan

Instagram Challenge | July Favourites

Instagram Challenge | August Colour Announcement

Found | International Cat Day Edition

I hope you've had a super weekend! C and I took a really quick getaway earlier in the week, so I'll be sharing some pictures and hopefully a video (fingers crossed) this week on the blog. I also attended a makeup workshop hosted by The Blog Society and Eat Read Love. The makeup artist was Liv Lundelius and she was incredible! I wish I could take her to Japan to do my wedding makeup, but I'll have to live with harnessing some of her knowledge and doing my best impression. What have you been up to?