Photo A Day #2 Tippy-Toes

I like the softness of this picture compared to the hard work that these shoes have seen. When I was three years old I decided I wanted to be a ballerina and it took several years of playing dress up to a generic 'classical music' cassette to convince my parents that I was serious about wanting to begin ballet classes at the local scout hall. I went through the examinations until I qualified as a dance teacher (while attending school, university and working) and eventually ran the school for a short time, with some fellow students, when our teacher retired. This year I started ballet again, and even found a new friend to come along! It's not at all like riding a bike, my brain knows what to do but my muscles seem to have forgotten. I enjoy the challenge and dancing ballet makes me feel more alive! I knew what was good for me, even at the age of three :) These are my shoes from my last 'real' performance.