Found #3

This week I found:

How gorgeous are the 1920's inspired shoes on Etsy??

Oh boy, this owl is adorable beyond words!

This dress from Modcloth! Makes me wish I was in the Northern Hemisphere and awaiting summer! The colours, and the sneaky print on the back are all amazing! (click on the link for all the images)

Jellyfish lamps. I MUST have one of these. They are made from jellyfish who have died of natural causes and have been preserved with their natural bio-luminescence, so they glow in the dark!

This website is incredible, it's called the Retronaut. There are collections of photographs covering every topic you can imagine, all the way from the birth of photography until now. There is such a vast array of fascinating images, you could get stuck there all day. This is one of my favourites, the Black Cat auditions! I love all the 60's fashions and the fact that many of the cat owners look like they might be using their cats to catch the eye of a Hollywood producer themselves. And that cat on the ladies shoulder bears a striking resemblance to my Nico! (a much smaller version)