Found #5

When I was at the Vintage Fair last weekend, I saw this brooch in a blur as I rushed past to purchase a special ring for C. I didn't have time to get back to the Cherish stall before the fair ended, and I couldn't stop thinking about the brooch. So yesterday, I popped in to Annie's studio and bought it! It's a one of a kind and I'm the proud new owner! I got a lot of comments today when I wore it, and I'm sure you'll see it featured in an outfit post soon. Definitely the best find of the week!
image via: Blue Caravan

How adorable are these "Meow Mitts"?! Tiny Owl Knits sells patterns so you can make them yourself, if you're in the Northern Hemisphere perhaps start now for next winter? I've only ever knitted a scarf, so not sure if these might be a tad too difficult for my second knitting project?

I'm having a really hard time picking just one thing to make attempt making from here! Everything is completely adorable! And I'm looking forward to winter wardrobe snuggle items!

This photography by Kim Høltermand is breathtakingly beautiful. I love misty nature shots though!

I love a good collection! Check out this gorgeous matchbox label collection by Shailesh Chavda. These are a couple of my favourites, though it's hard to choose!
via: Flickr

This gorgeous Tulip Print shirt from Sake Of Shapes Vintage. I'm looking towards autumn and winter now and this is perfect!

Is this blouse TOO crazy cat lady? I'm loving it! And I'm also quite fond of the cute black bowtie as well! And the shirt has such a cute collar!
via: Minxshop

I feel like I maybe went into cute overdrive this week, but I hope you enjoy! Kitty xo