Photo A Day #29 - Bozeman Montana Part 3

Finally, another first before I left for Canada, my first ever s'more. The girls in the supermarket were beside themselves when they said, "oh... you're making s'mores" and I replied that it was going to be my first ever s'more. They were so excited and a little dubious that we don't have s'mores in Australia. I cooked them in the wood stove in the garden, and they were delicious!

 A Chandelier in The Ellen Theatre. So beautiful. I have no idea how I held the camera still enough to catch this one!

We went out on the town to the Ellen Theatre, which is a beautiful Art Deco era theatre. On the way home, we spotted some people having an amazing time at the end of a party, dancing up a storm to some 80's tunes.

I'll do some more posts on our trip, the next stop was Niagara Falls, then on to New York State, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and all the way down to Philadelphia, Virginia, the Appalachian Trail, back out to the coast for Charleston, Savannah, Miami, up to Alabama, and then over to New Orleans. We then flew to Tucson so I could see where the boy came from for the first time. I'm planning another trip for the fall this year, not 100% sure where we are going yet, but most definitely through 'the middle' of the US, as I have done the West coast (LA to Seattle) and the East Coast now. Thinking of driving from Texas to Ohio, and then over to New Hampshire to stay in blissful isolation and watch the leaves!