Photo A Day #15 Rolled Up Jeans

We had the most amazing thunderstorms last night, so this morning, I thought it was a good time to sport the Rolled Up Jeans look. What a stroke of genius, I congratulated myself on my great idea as I spotted other young ladies trudging through the torrent of water in their ballet flats. My jeans still got wet, as the rain was traveling sideways. But at least my feet were dry. Until the copious amounts of water seeped through the leather or the sole into my socks. But not a bad effort.

You can see the high-tide mark on my boots here. I really love these boots, I've had them for years, they've been resoled several times. I think they might need a zipper repair soon though! They are from Camper and I've never been able to find another pair like them. One day I'll have them cloned!