Photo A Day #16 SDC Show

Tonight I went to see the new production by Sydney Dance Company, 2 One Another. I'm always a little hesitant to see non-classical ballet as sometimes it can be a bit cringe-worthy. But I really enjoyed this show, the music was great, a mixture between choral, more traditional compositions and industrial, almost Nine Inch Nails sounding music. It was pretty intense, and I only had about 3 hours sleep last night, so my eyes were tired... drooping... and then I fell asleep, briefly, right at the end. The choreographer/company director was seated DIRECTLY in front of me so I hope I didn't let out any little snores!
So my picture of the day is a wall inside the Sydney Theatre Company, where the production was held. I failed to notice this wall last time I was in here, but it's really amazing, how could I have missed it? It's constructed from reclaimed timber and has all kinds of beautiful colours and texture going on... I wonder if I can build this for my music room?

Cardigan // Basque
Dress // Modcloth
Tights // Dangerfield
Shoes // Zensu

And here's a slightly blurry picture of me, trying to stand really still in the low light! I didn't fall asleep at the end because I had lost interest in the show, it was just because it was warm and dark and I was oh so sleepy! I thoroughly enjoyed it and if anyone is in Sydney, it's worth checking out. The Sydney Dance Company dancers are amazing! I always feel energised after watching a dance performance (it's not because I had a nap - really!) it inspires me to do something creative. It reminds me of the thrill of performing and being lost in the moment. It's a good feeling!