Photo A Day #18 Maggie Portrait

I can't help but giggle when I see this picture! I decided Maggie needed her portrait taken today. She adores 'loves' but HATES being picked up... So she was in two minds here. She knew she was getting a cuddle (good) but also that her feet weren't in control (bad). She'd stopped struggling and went into a passive state of defeat, but ready to run if I let her! She's so funny.

I was reminded of this technique on Elsie's blog and I haven't shot any TTV for a long time, so thought I'd have another go. There was a complicated studio set-up involving a brick, tripod, 2 cameras and a garden ornament holding an umbrella. Seriously. I know there's a bit of reflection, but I tried! Next time maybe I'll find a location undercover. I did a whole self-portrait sequence in this shoot, I'll upload the pics in the coming days. In the meantime, enjoy that look on Maggie's face!
Kitty. x