Photo A Day #23 Golden Hour Clouds

As I write this, I have a big blue bear-cat purring his brains out and licking my leg! So sweet! I don't have too many words tonight. I've had only 2 hours sleep, so I probably won't make sense anyways. I took a few pictures today, as I arrived home, there was the perfect 'golden hour' light that was just fading away, and a storm rolling in over the blue sky, which is one of my favourite natural lighting situations. So here's some pictures of the sun setting and hitting the rim of the cloud.

Thanks to these clouds, we now have a nice far away lightning storm happening outside. I love a good thunderstorm!

The past two weeks have been so crazy with lots of work going on, and I think I've totaled about 30 hours of sleep over the entire 2 weeks. I'm going to take it easy this weekend and have a sleep-in at least one day. I have lots more work to be done, but I'm planning some new blog writings for you guys and will get started this weekend, so keep an eye out for more content that isn't just my photo a days! I'm just getting started, lots of new things to come - what-I-wores, DIYs and travel/thrifting adventures are all on the way!

Kitty. x