Photo A Day #24 Bozeman Montana Part 1

First views of Bozeman, out the car window on the way home from the airport

This weekend I finally started looking through my photographs from the trip I took last summer. I thought it would be fun to post some of these and share some stories from our travels. There's a lot of pictures to go through, but once I have sorted them out, I'm going to print some, I really miss the physical nature of looking through photo albums, it's not quite the same looking on a screen!

 A walk through the woods. Photo by C.

So a bit of background on the trip first. We flew from Sydney to Melbourne to Los Angeles to Salt Lake City to Bozeman Montana. Needless to say I look a little tired in these first pictures! Bozeman was the first stop on our great adventure, and we stayed with some dear friends in their gorgeous 1920's guest cottage next door to their home. The first thing that struck me was the landscape. Australia is generally pretty flat, and these mountains were spectacular! I was really blown away by how beautiful it is there.

I threw a snowball in 'summer' which was pretty cool. Note: You may see my smile is a little forced here. the reason for this is because I was absolutely petrified I was going to get eaten by a Grizzly Bear. Irrational, I know, but true.
Photo by C.

The next thing I noticed is that is was cold. I suppose I should have realised this, but technically it was summer, and I definitely was NOT expecting snow on the ground! So in the photos I'm wearing the same thing every day because I was wearing EVERYTHING I packed! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I traveled for 6 weeks with a carry on bag only. Well... I guess when I left the USA, I did have 2 checked bags as I'd bought so much great stuff along the way... but that's for later on.

On my next trip, I'm going to get an even better collection of old signage, the US is a goldmine for awesome architecture and signage, I love it! W   elcom e!