Photo A Day #31 - Caturday

Today I was working hard on my first DIY for Kitty and Buck, when the coffee shop beckoned. I left all of my work in a neat pile, with the booklet on top so as not to tempt any errant kitties. I really should know better. The first thing I saw when I returned home is pictured below.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but Nico (that black one) actually has pieces of fabric STUCK TO HER FACE! They are so naughty... But you can't stay mad for long, when they look at you with such cute, defiant naughtiness...

I think Maggie is daring me to try and be mad at her

Can you see Nico's fabric stash?

And Hobbes is asleep on the job (again)

Look out for my pin cushion tutorial coming this week!
Kitty. x