Photo A Day #33 Niagara Falls Part 1

Today I'm posting some more travel images. After leaving Bozeman, we flew to Toronto, and then caught a bus to Niagara Falls. I just had some documents to take care of on Canadian soil, and so my first ever trip to Canada was brief, and hopefully a prelude to a much longer one in the future! So I had to do the typical tourist thing and see the falls... from the GOOD side!! I have no idea why, but I was not prepared for the main street of Niagara Falls. I did grow up on a diet of Degrassi Junior High, and for some reason, I thought the most outlandish thing in Canada was Spike's hair. Boy was I wrong! The first thing I was confronted with was FUDGE. I have never seen fudge declared so boldly before!

 After Fudge, there is me contemplating the Falls (photo by C.),
C contemplating the falls, reflected in a puddle,
and the Great Canadian Midway.

I love the fact that Canada can be just as tacky as any tacky tourist place in the world! Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against tacky, it was just unexpected! I had a great time gawking at all the amazing neon signs, and jogging on the spot trying to keep warm in my clothes I packed for summer in New Orleans! I ate some fudge, of course, and played a couple of rounds of ski-ball and whack-a-mole just to get into the spirit of things. I'll post part 2 of my Canadian adventure soon.

Have you guys ever got the complete wrong idea about a place from television or movies? Come on... you can tell me :)

Kitty xo

Disclaimer: I am a little sarcastic in the above post, forgive me. I do understand Canadians aren't all the same as Degrassi characters. And I know there is more to Canada than Niagara Falls. I can't wait to do a proper visit soon :)