Photo A Day #35 Niagara Falls Part 2

Here's part 2 of the Niagara Falls adventure. You can read more about it in Part 1! We had some quarters left over from the border crossing, so we decided to have a go at the special binoculars... They're ok... I mean... The Falls are pretty big right? You don't exactly need binoculars to see them. But I got a few peeks at some birds and tour boats and stuff, so it was definitely worth the quarter.

We decided to walk across the border to the USA, which was fun! Until I had to go through immigration. C. is American so he was welcomed into Buffalo with open arms. I, on the other hand, was interrogated by what I would suppose was an ex-military (or wannabe military) immigration officer for around half an hour! I was asked such interesting questions as "And just how are you paying for this trip?"... Uh, I have a job, and I saved my pennies until I could afford to go on a holiday. "And why is your flight from New Orleans? How are you getting there?" ... Driving... "That's a long way to drive" ... yep! "Why were you working in Canada?" I wasn't, I was only there for 12 hours... "Why?" To see the Falls from the good side?

Oh boy... Needless to say, I was almost in tears by the end of it, but eventually was allowed in to spend my hard earned dollars on helping out the US economy. Phew...

All photos by C.