Photo A Day #36 Upstate New York Part 1

Looking through the travel pictures has me feeling so nostalgic for life on the road. I don't think I ever get homesick, even when I lived in London. My Opa always used to joke to my Oma about being a gypsy, and I think I inherited that trait! I absolutely love being on the road, and I can't think of a better life for me. (even though I look a little grumpy in the next picture, it's just how that one turned out...)

I'm going to tell you again (because I'm so proud) that I went on this trip with a carry-on bag only. I'll probably be wearing the exact same thing for the next couple of states' pictures because it was too cold not to wear everything that I bought... And I kinda didn't want to buy coats and stuff to carry around to the hot, sticky south!)

We were a bit late arriving at our destination after a bit of a delay with our hire car and an altercation with Wal-Mart customers. We were actually followed around the store by a lady proclaiming to C. that "That's not howya wear a suit, boy!" Which was funny the first 6 times she said it. "You want a suit to make you bigger!"... "It's a vintage 60's suit lady"... "That's not howya wear a suit"... "OK..."
Aaaanyway.... So it was dark when we arrived at our hotel and we made a suitably B-Movie looking entrance. And then found some B-Movies (And some A-grade too!) to watch. After being hopped up on Grizzly stories in Montana, I was completely paranoid about bears in the woods and when I heard rummaging noises outside beyond the porch light... I locked the door...

We watched "Don't Go In The Woods" and then slept soundly in the gorgeous bed. (Until the air raid sirens went off at about 3am - an American way of calling volunteer firefighters apparently) The decor in this place was amazing, mostly authentic 1950's pieces. It was such an experience. In case you're wondering, it's Kate's Lazy Meadow, Mt Tremper NY. And it's right by Phoenicia, which is one of the greatest little towns I visited! Full of lovely people who were into musical theatre!

Rock Lobster!
Kitty x

All photos by me and C.