Photo A Day #40 Owl Bookends

So I told you I got something amazing at the antique market... This would be it! I was eager to show these to you in a nice natural light but unfortunately I somehow forgot that daylight savings had happened (how could I have forgotten? It only happened yesterday!) Anyway, I was expecting to come home with a good hour of nice golden light left but instead was greeted with a dwindling twilight. So I went to the other extreme and took the photos on the lightbox my dad built for C. Suitably dramatic for my Owl friends I think!

When I saw these, I will admit, I made some sounds that maybe only dogs could have heard. And there was possibly a tear (of happiness) in my eye. It doesn't really matter that I have way to many books to warrant the use of any kind of bookend. I'll just install some extra shelves! Aren't they the most adorable things you've ever seen?

I adore these guys! Definitely the best vintage find of the year so far for me - although the dresses I got yesterday are coming a VERY close second!

Happy Monday xo