Photo A Day #47 Grandma's Cookies

Today C and I went over to my Grandma's house to help her with the gardening while my Pa is in hospital. We got in amongst the Sweet Peas and Bulbs and pulled out all the weeds and installed some chicken wire for the Sweet Peas to climb. It was really lovely digging in the garden in the sunshine and I am going to try and make helping Grandma in the garden a more regular thing! She has so much knowledge about all the plants and how to grow them (I am hopeless, almost everything I try to grow dies, except my chillies - and the weeds) I think I can learn a lot, and help out at the same time! And of course, Grandma being Grandma, we were thanked with some lovely fresh tomatoes from the veggie patch and a couple of jars of home baked cookies. Yum!

Once we were home I enjoyed the cookies in the garden, and Hobbes, who has been in extreme nagging mode all day long, was very, very interested in the cookies.

I hope you had a lovely Easter break,
Kitty xo