Photo A Day #48 Vermont Lakes and Mountains

More on the travels of C and Kitty today... After we left New York state, we headed north into Vermont. The place that we stayed in was incredible! You can see the room in the top 2 pictures, all attired in lovely red deer, the bedspread, cushions and curtains all matched the amazing wallpaper. AND I finally slept in a REAL log bed! So cool! We were upgraded to this room when we arrived, which was pretty cool, because we had uninterrupted views of the beautiful mountains and lake.

Top: Buck's Run room      Middle: Paddling on the Lake     Bottom: Views of the lake and grounds

There was free use of the watercraft for people staying in the hotel, so we headed down to the lake to try out some kayaking. When we arrived on the beach, there was an older lady sitting on a deckchair, who, upon our arrival announced to her companion "Oh Gawd, they just let ANYone here these days... I shoulda bought this place when it was for sale a few years ago!" Well, lady, what happened next was just to spite you... These "just anyones" picked the most obnoxious watercraft we could find - a paddleboat with a blue striped canopy - and splashed it into the lake in a fit of giggles and proudly paddled off the the island in the distance...

After the paddleboat adventure we sat down to a lovely dinner overlooking the lake, and I saw my first ever hummingbird, and then, my first ever firefly!! It was extremely beautiful and serene. You might be able to spot some fireflies in the long exposure image on the bottom right. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been... Vermont ♥

Kitty xo