Photo A Day #54 NY State into Vermont

So it is entirely possible I totally messed up the order of events in my travel series... Somehow I posted Vermont part 2 in place of part 1... So here is Vermont part one, I wouldn't want you to miss the adventures of Talkative Joe, or our triumphant entry into the fine state of Vermont! Forgive me, I'll try not to get so excited ahead of myself again! You can read Part 2 all the way back here.

You understand when we saw the "Old Books" sign in this shop, we absolutely had to stop! The store belongs to Talkative Joe (the gentleman in the 2nd picture, and we gave him the 'talkative' part of his name), and is located inside NY State, close to the Vermont border. Talkative Joe was a lovely guy and his shop was full of cool thrifty bits. I got my mum a quilt block from the 1930's and C got that big stack of red books you can see on Joe's counter, a nice Edgar Allen Poe collection. We were in the shop for about an hour with Joe telling us all about his neighborhood disputes and heirloom seeds for his vegetable patch. He was a really sweet guy and we had a great time chatting with him! He was the first person we met who we thought to take a picture of, and I'm glad we started the trend, because it helps you remember the stories so much more clearly!

The rest of these pictures speak for themselves, I made poor C try to capture every single state line that we crossed (while I was deftly driving down the wrong side of the road at 80mph - I don't even know HOW many km per hour that is!), anyway, I think we managed to get every one on the East Coast, except Connecticut, as it was teeming with rain! So, welcome to Vermont, enjoy the beautiful rivers, mountains and barns :) I love a good barn! Next stop in our travels, New Hampshire and Maine, and I reveal my favorite 'first' whilst on this trip!

Kitty xo