Photo A Day #57 Getting Organised

Tonight C met me after work and we had a Mexican dinner feast, followed by a fringe trim (for me) and then some book hunting at a great book store in Sydney. I never walk out of there empty handed... It's a double edged sword, you can never have enough books (trust me on that one) but then again, we need a house with a library because we have so many books! One day I think we might open a book store, we certainly have enough stock. Today, surprisingly, no books, though there were a few I had my eye on. I just got some Mother's day cards for the mums and grandma/oma - which is very forward thinking of me!

On the way out, there was a bargain bin, everything $1. NOTHING in Sydney costs a dollar anymore. My curiosity was piqued. Lo and behold, apparently 2012 diaries are so January. But since I just recently started this blog, and didn't really need a diary for my other work, I didn't get one. Welcome to the Kitty & Buck compendium. I'm a bit sad to have missed writing in the pretty pinks and reds, but hello greens! I don't really like bragging about how much money I saved on something, but I'll make an exception this time. $79.95 reduced to a dollar. Welcome to the land of organisation.