Photo A Day #58 Instagram Miscellany

Today you get 9 photos for the price of one, because I'm doing my first instagram post. This is a collection of my out-and-about phone snaps. If you're on instagram you can follow me @kittyandbuck

 1 // Sydney rain out the train window on my way to work this week.
2 // Hobbes reaching out for a cuddle in the garden. Look at those toe-fluffs!!
3 // Friday pub lunch with my workmates. The pub caught fire this week, but it reopened today.
4 // Blueberry pancake stack, indulged in on antique market day out and about with the lovely Laura*
5 // C on mexi-feast night (last night)
6 // One of life's simple pleasures
7 // Bird cages on roof @ 101 Ukeleles
8 // Waiting for Laura at Antique Markets
9 // Commuting again, dark clouds at the train station

I generally post these to tumblr, and as of this week, twitter. Yes, that's right. I've dragged myself kicking and screaming into the future. What I'd really like to know is, where are the flying cars?

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*Laura didn't indulge in the pancakes, just the markets. I ate these all myself, including the flower :)