Photo A Day #59 Takin' Care of Business

On Thursday night, I dropped my phone on a tiled floor. It seemed fine, until I realised the next time I used it that the power button no longer worked. On Friday I had it repaired, but when I charged it last night, it would no longer charge and though the power button worked, it would not turn off, just restart. Sooo, I took it back again today and the repair shop put in a new battery free of charge! Fingers crossed it will last me a bit longer now. While it was being repaired C and I managed to eat, have coffee and do an outfit shoot. Pretty productive use of time I think.

Oh, and I went book shopping again and got a lovely Camus collection. Next week I'm going to start a new (once a month?) feature on the blog, Kitty's Book Nook. I read a lot of books and I want to share some of my favourite and current reads with you guys. I'm not going to review books, just tell a story about them so you hopefully want to read them, or tell me about your feelings on the book if you've already read it.

I also managed to purchase some fabric to make a cushion for my real-life book nook as well as my ruffle clutch supplies for the sew-a-long on See Kate Sew! AND we cleaned the house. It feels so much better in here, a clean house always clears my mind. So tomorrow hopefully I'll squeeze in some sewing, as well as visiting some family. Oh boy, I wish the weekends were about 5 days longer!

How's your weekend going so far? I hope it's a good one, whatever you're up to,