Photo A Day #60 The Underneath of a Cat

I know what you're thinking... you are about to see a cat's bottom. Nope! I wouldn't do that to you (or my kitties, they have SOME dignity). Since we cleaned up the house yesterday, the coffee table is now no longer a workstation and the cats are loving it. If you have cats you will know, as soon as something is 'new' they MUST sit on it. Hobbes took advantage of the clean coffee table by having a nice snooze on top. The best thing is, the table is glass. And my head fits under it. This is a favourite thing of mine to do, which is probably weird, but it always sends me into fits of giggles and cheers up my day. You can scooch under the table and peek at what a cat looks like from underneath. It's hilarious. Here's some pictures...

 How cute are his little curly hairs? And his white patch on his belly, we call it the smiley face.

 Front paws tucked in nice and neat!

Nico is a lady and sat on our nice N.C. Wyeth book so I couldn't see her lady belly. I'm in the process of setting up the music room (and sewing-room) and the table down there also has a glass top, and is higher off the ground, so you can get a wider (and less reflective) view. I might get some wider shots of the whole effect for you to see soon! It is so funny when they crouch, it's amazing how small of a space all four paws take up, with an enormous mass of fur all around.

If you have a glass table and a cat, try it at home! Put cat on table. Lay underneath. Giggle. It's easy!

I hope that's not too weird for you all, and sorry for the cat overload, but sometimes they need attention and hopefully I educated you a little about what underneath a cat looks like.

Note: If you are in Pennsylvania, specifically Chadd's Ford, you must pay a visit to the Brandywine River Museum which shows a large collection of work from N.C Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth and Jamie Wyeth among others. I went there on my recent trip and it was such a beautiful place, full of inspiring work! The guided tours were also great! If Nico likes N.C. enough to sit on him, it must be good!