Photo A Day #62 Hair Update and My Day

Today was one of those days. It started out alright, and I felt pretty chipper in the morning, flouncing down the street with my freshly dyed hair. When I sat down, I realised that I had made a run in one of my favourite pairs of stockings (these ones) that is irreparable (unless anyone has good ideas on how to do something with a stocking laddered from under the foot up the back of the knee?) Then at lunchtime, I was making myself some soup, and the soup company has changed their packaging. It seems like a minor thing, but changing from a ring pull top to a foil top makes a BIG difference. The soup was under pressure and as I pulled the lip of the foil lid, the soup exploded out all over the sink, my dress, my laddered stockings, my shoes and the floor. It was bright green spinach soup as well. After cleaning up, I went to sit outside in the sunshine and a huge black cloud rolled over within minutes, opening up to a torrential thunderstorm. I went inside and ate at my desk.

I was pretty resigned to having one of those days, but when I got home, C was waiting for me with a big smile on his face as he'd just gotten a new Nikon camera (and he was happy to see me). I got a package with some cute clothes from Modcloth, and C took a photo of my new hair draped on top of Nico. I'm going to eat my veggie omelette for dinner and watch Super 8. I can stay up late because it's a public holiday tomorrow and I'm going to sleep in. Things are looking up!