Photo A Day #63 Childhood Memories

Today was really windy, so I decided to take advantage of the wild weather and do an outfit shoot by the beach. Needless to say, you'll finally see me in pants! (oh gosh, I just realised my English readers with think I mean in my underwear!! - TROUSERS, you'll see me in my jeans!) I'll share those images with you soon. I took a snap of the location though, and thought I'd share.

This particular beach is where I have my first ever memory of seeing the ocean as a child, perhaps when I was 2 years old? My dad was driving through the national park with me along a winding road, and I remember catching a glimpse through the window of this enormous body of water and yelling out "It's a giant bath!!" I was oh so excited! I must have seen the ocean many times before that as my father worked on the water, but I distinctly remember that moment, it must have been seeing it from an elevated unique angle that gave me that insight. Anyway, enjoy the giant bath, I've coloured it a bit retro to match my aged memories.

Do you guys have any weird memories from childhood? I love remembering how things are from a child's perspective, it gives you a whole fresh outlook.