Photo A Day #64 Ballet Class: Level Up!

Tonight I really wanted to show you some nice pictures inside the dance studio, but unfortunately, my 20 minute bus ride took around 45 minutes and I was no longer early to class to snap some pictures, I was panic attack-late in the change-room, throwing clothes and shoes around like a madwoman. (it wasn't just me, my friend Frankie was in on the panic-action too) - Thanks Sydney traffic. We have to leave class a few minutes early as well in order to catch the bus in time, so we're not hanging out down by the wharf in the dark in out ballet shoes. So... that is why you see the below pictures. One of the outside of Sydney Dance Company, and one of me on the bus, making a futile attempt to use my elbows as a tripod.

We've been doing the absolute beginners ballet class for a few lessons now, and both of us were ready to move on. We've both danced before (I used to run a dance school a few years back) but we're both a bit rusty. You'd think the beginners class would be an easy step up, especially for a couple of gals with several years of experience. Boy was I wrong. I coped. Just. Trying to remember what my body is supposed to do when someone is yelling out Glissade! Assemble! Grande Jete En tournant! Gallop, Pas De Chas, Attitude and BALANCE!! is a little too much for my poor brain after a full days work. I might've even just made some of those up, and I definitely spelled some wrong. It's all too much! I'm happy to report that my feet thoroughly remember how to execute a pirouette, even though my arms are confused. It used to be so easy! Time to practice some more I think. I doubt I'll be able to walk properly tomorrow. But it cleared my head and I feel pretty good. I hope you all had a great day :)