Photo A Day #66 Flaming Sunset

Today was an easy day, I caught up on some sleep, got some shopping done for Mother's Day and had some good coffee. It is unheard of that I am so organised for gift-giving, so I feel pretty proud about getting that done. Tonight I've been giving my new sewing machine a test run. Just so you all know, it works great! I've been working on a little clutch purse that I will show you once I have finished. It's looking pretty cool! I feel all domestic goddess-like :)

There was a stunning sunset today but I didn't have time to get into a good viewing location, if only I could get on top of my neighbour's roof! I hope you enjoy the picture anyway, it was beautiful. I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend, whatever you are up to. Oh, and hello to all my new followers! In the next few weeks, I'm going to have a little giveaway, just for you guys :) Shh, it's a secret for now!