Photo A Day #68 Sew-A-Long Success

This is the first time I have sewed properly in a few years, but my mom used to sew all my clothes when I was growing up and now she quilts. So hopefully the skill is inherited. I joined in on See Kate Sew's Ruffles 2012 Sew-A-Long and made this lovely clutch purse.. I was a little worried I'd fail miserably, and I have to admit, I did have to unpick it once after I made 2 pouches rather than a pouch with a flap. But it was a re-learning experience and I really enjoyed making it! I'm a little scared everything I make from now on might have a ruffle attached, but I'll do my best to restrain myself. Less is more, as they say.

I decided to add a little flower with my leftover ruffles, adorned with one of my vintage buttons. Finally I'm dipping into my button collection! There's plenty more where that one came from, so I guess I'd better keep sewing :)

Thanks for the tutorial and Sew-A-Long motivation Kate, I really enjoyed making your Sunshine Clutch!