Thrifty Finds and Vintage Conquests - Stop. Accessorize.

So as promised, here is the haul from my recent trip to Love Vintage show in Sydney. There were so many treasures inside a small space, the experience was quite overwhelming. But I think I did quite well considering I had several moments of vintage love overload! It's a bit of a long post, so grab a cup of tea before you get settled in :)
This Pencil Scarf is perfect! It has a great palette (pun intended) and the design is so cute! Pencil Scarf happiness :)

Umbrella Brooch. I'm pretty sure this is 1980's, and is a bit faded, but isn't is gorgeous? The lady who sold it to me explained the importance of wearing a brooch the 'proper' way - pointing diagonally downwards and pinned through twice.

Apple buttons. I think it's possible that I let out a little squeal when I saw these. I LOVE apple things! The lady gave me a discount because I was soooo excited, she said I was like a kid in a candy store. Now I just need to find a special something to put these on, any ideas?

Mushroom Bobby-pin. This is so, so, so good! An original 1950's bobby-pin with a tiny mushroom bauble. Never worn! They had a few different fruit and vegetables, like chillies, bananas and pumpkins, but I had to be good and just choose one!

Strawberry Brooch. I had seen an apple brooch at the stall before this one and almost bought it, but thought I'd wait, just in case I saw something I liked better. At the next stall was this strawberry brooch! It's actually waaay better than the apple one, so I'm glad I held out. So juicy!

Furry Collar. I had a hard time deciding on this as well. I'm still trying to think exactly what I can wear it with, but with winter coming up, I thought I'd be kicking myself in a few months if I didn't buy it. And it came with this pretty sparkly red brooch, so I got a two-fer!

1950's original beads. I bought these to use for jewelry that I'm making for my Etsy store. Some nice re-purposed vintage pieces, which I'll show you when they are done!

Finally, something for C. I couldn't leave this ring behind. I'm not a military antique expert, but the gentleman I bought it from says it's a WWII US Army service ring. I know it is military, but usually the US service rings have text engraved on them. So not exactly sure what it is, but it's just a beautiful class ring, and it fits perfectly! It's well-worn and it's nice to give a loving home to something that was cherished by someone before you.

So I'd been hoping to find a cute dress or some shoes, but apparently it was meant to be accessory day! And quite a productive one at that. Post a comment if you have any ideas about ways I can use some of my finds!