What I Wore - Blue and White

C took these photos while we were waiting for my phone to be repaired. It was a bit of an impromptu location, but how amazing is that fence? I have always admired it whenever I pass by, but for some reason never thought to take photos. This is why I keep the boy around. He's a thinker :)

I'm still trying to get used to the idea of being photographed at all, let alone in a public place with random people gawking at me. I feel like I'm conquering a fear though, and each time it gets a little easier. I learned a long time ago not to care what other people think, as long as you feel like you're being the best person to yourself and those around you, it's not worth worrying what others perceive.

I use photoshop a LOT for my work, but I don't retouch my photos, except for some colour correction and an odd bit of trickery (layering etc) here and there. I'm quite enjoying the old reflect technique! When I was at school I was really into the idea of doing retouching as a career. Then it occurred to me that all I would probably end up doing is smoothing out people's skin, making them skinnier in parts and rounder in other parts, and in general telling a lie. I think it has it's place, but only to enhance an image, not to change it from the original capture.

I got these tights in the Urban Outfitters store in Savannah, GA. The girl at the counter gave me a little smile and then charged me 10c for them. I'm not sure why she did that, but they qualify as the cheapest clothing item that I have ever bought! Thanks random UO girl in Savannah :)

Somehow I've managed to wear everything from Urban Outfitters (except accessories). I got all of the clothes at least 6 months ago, so they probably aren't for sale anymore. The website for UO is down, so I'll just link to their main page, if you want more details on anything, just let me know.

Blouse // Pins and needles @ Urban Outfitters
Skirt // Kimchi Blue @ Urban Outfitters
Tights // Urban Outfitters
Wedge Oxfords // Deena and Ozzy @ Urban Outfitters
Turquoise Ring // Gift
Octopus Ring // OctopusMe
Six Shooter Earring // Really old, inexplicably from a random hippy store
Diamond Studs // Gift from C.
Bambi Necklace // Gift
 Cat Brooch // The DAN300 Group 
 (I purchased mine in Berkelouw Books, Paddington)

Thanks for reading, as always, I love to hear your thoughts, so comment below if you feel the need :)
Kitty xo