What I Wore - Daisies in the Pines

On Saturday, when C and I found this little pine forest, we were actually on our way to the beach to take these shots. I'm really pleased we found this spot, it was really peaceful. I might look a little apprehensive for the pictures when I'm standing on the log, as it was right next to a burrow, and I'm not sure whose home it was. But no critters were spotted, except for the 2 greyhounds that came and licked us, almost to death, in the clearing while I was doing a little spin!

This kid's chair was left behind in the woods, I was a little heavy and made it sink a bit in the pine needles! Aside from the wobbles, it was actually pretty comfy!

Yes, I am enjoying spinning in my skirt as much as it looks! Been doin' it since I could walk, and not about to stop anytime soon! I even managed a graceful hand (on my back arm at least), which is pretty impressive, I think, since my shoe lost a large portion of it's sole and I was spinning on rocks, leaves and possibly broken glass!

So speaking of these shoes, I absolutely loved them when I found them in a vintage store but they were a size too small. I am so stubborn (some might say silly) that I bought them anyway and wore them until my ballet dancer foot squeezed the shoe out and made it big enough. Side effect = cracked sole, broken shoe. The cobbler I took them to refused to even look sideways at them, saying they were way beyond any kind of help, so I guess I'll just wear them occasionally until they need to retire for good.

Not sure where to start with the dress, I wore it all the time through summer. Super comfortable, nice lightweight (not see-through!) fabric, cute print and amazing keyhole detail. It's wonderful all over!

If you missed the picture of C in the forest, check it out here! I love showing him off in case you didn't notice...

Dress // Modcloth
Cardigan // Dangerfield
Shoes // Vintage/Thrifted - Adelaide, Australia
Toadstool Brooch // Cherish

If you can see the rings: (I've worn them here and here before)
Skull Ring // Japan
Octopus Ring // OctopusMe
Cathedral Ring // Metal Couture Jewelry