What I Wore - Leather and Lace

This is the gorgeous Italian vintage dress I snagged at the markets last week. I posted about it here. C and I went to meet some friends for a pre-dinner photo shoot at a park in Sydney I've somehow never been to. Such a pretty place with amazing sandstone walls, old trees and of course, since we're in Sydney, Harbour Views.
There was a cool breeze going on, I'm glad I brought my blazer along! Eep! I rhymed! (badly!)

This blazer was a 'lucky dip' item from Urban Renewal. Basically they upcycle old coats and the only choice you have when you order is dark/light/pattern. I chose dark, hoping for a grey, brown or black. When I opened my parcel, I was a little taken aback by the green blazer staring back at me. It looked like a school uniform. However, after putting it on, I found it goes with just about anything, especially my hair when it's bright red! I wear it all the time, so apologies for the repeat offending in advance!

Ah, the endless battle between my fingernails and my biting teeth. Sorry you had to see that. This is another one of my goals: Stop. Biting. My. Nails. Seriously.

This was such a great location, I'll make sure I visit here more often. My favourite thing was definitely this enormous tree I'm sitting on! I checked how strong the branch was first and was very gentle with him! It was a little precarious, but softly bouncy at the same time!

Lace Dress // Vintage Italian (Made in Rome)
Wedges // Urban Outfitters
Belt with Pocket // Modcloth
Banana Necklace // Thrifted bits and pieces concocted into awesomeness by C!
Manatee Brooch // Gift (Souvenir from San Fransisco)
Cat Ring // Gift

If you're interested in just how I got my hair so many pretty colours, you can see the colour and brand information in this earlier post I did.