What I Wore - A Spot of Color Blocking

This is what I wore when C and I went out to dinner. We left it a little late, so there's some low light "Kitty can't stand still for more than half a second" issues, but overall they came out pretty good! The purple cardigan isn't mine, so it's a little large, but the colour was too good to refuse!
 Inside Kitty's Mind: Stand up straight. Ignore the family SUV that has just pulled up alongside you and are now staring without getting out of their car. Be strong. Stand. Up. Straight.
 I love this necklace. It's an original 1920's Art Deco piece and was bought for me as a gift from Spitalfields Markets in London when I used to live across the road. Art Deco is one of my favourite periods of art, and I love anything to do with the 1920's. I really related to Owen Wilson's character in Midnight In Paris (except C is right with me, not like Owen's gal in the film!)

I really couldn't decide whether these shoes took the colour block a tad too far. They make a great contrast with the tights, but maybe they clash too much? Anyway... after taking them off and putting them back on again about 5 times, I went there.

 As C was shooting I was watching this beautiful sunset developing behind him. We managed one last shot before we hit the town :)
Dress // Modcloth
Tights // Dangerfield
Cardigan // Borrowed (Target)
Apple Wallet // Gift
Necklace // Art Deco Antique - Spitalfields Markets, London UK
Juicy Strawberry Brooch // Vintage - Sydney Australia
Thanks for looking! Feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing your thoughts Kitty xo