What I Wore - Thrifting around the world!

I wrote about this shoot I did a little while ago, but for some reason the pictures fell by the wayside! So many other things have been happening and I've been easily distracted! Anyway, as promised, here's the full set of my TTV shoot that I did using my old Kodak Brownie Reflex in conjunction with my DSLR.

Soon I will be putting up a permanent page that tells you all about my camera kit, so you can see what camera bodies/lenses I use. A lot of the camera gear belongs to C, but we are good sharers and he lets me use it whenever I want! Isn't he sweet?

Nico portrait

I also have a great collection of vintage cameras, I hope to bring you a collection piece on those as well, if you're interested? I'm always on the lookout for new (old) cameras to add to my collection! It's a bit of an unhealthy obsession I think.

 Outtake for the last one. Nico has seen Maggie ruin her shot and has gone all saggy and defeated. Maggie is sniffing the camera because she loves sniffing everything! So funny :)

\\ The Small Details //

Dress // Thrifted - Los Angeles, USA
Belt // Thrifted - Sydney, Australia
Shoes // Thrifted - Portland, Maine
Cuff // Gift