Blogging Buddy - My Billie: 7 Questions

I'm currently participating in the Blogging Buddy Swap over at Modern Buttercup. My blogging buddy is the delightful Melanie from My Billie, and I'm really happy to introduce you to her today, with 7 questions. (Sorry to introduce you to two Melanies in one day, I hope you're not getting confused!) I'm surrounded by creative, sweet girls called Melanie!!

Mmmm I get smiley pretty often, actually. Maddy (my chinese crested) always makes me smile. Coffee, a good pair of boots and sweet comments on my blog make the list too : )

The blog that made me want to seriously start blogging was A Beautiful Mess. I want to be doing the same things professionally that Elsie is doing (full-time blogger, online shop owner of vintage+handmade goods, travel, have a creative profession, make my own clothing line, etc). I even took an e-course of hers (which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to blog professionally) and I filter a lot of what I do through the information that she gives in the course. I don't necessarily aspire to have all the guest contributors that she has, but I love the content that she provides for her readers!

My Granny (because I would do almost anything to be able to hug her one more time), Elsie (mentioned above, so I can pick her brain and so she can hopefully tell me that everything is going to work out and that I'll eventually become a millionaire off of my creative businesses : )! ) and a Native American ancestor of mine so I can learn some good gardening/herb tricks and how to flint an arrowhead!

When I was seven I wanted to be an artist : ) And now I essentially want to be the same thing, but in a looser sense of the word. I feel like my long-term career will have to be creatively challenging for me to be fulfilled by it and I ultimately want to be my own boss. Can anyone tell that I breathe, sleep and eat my small business idea? I think I've talked about it for the past three questions!

My thumbs are double jointed and I am really good at naming peoples' super powers.

How to handle money better.

OOH, ouch. This one hurts to really think about and admit. But its simultaneously rejection and success. I never want to let anyone down and once you reach success (whatever that even means) people expect so much from you.

Thanks Melanie, I loved learning even more about you! I hope you guys reading enjoyed meeting Melanie as well, be sure to pop over to My Billie and see what she is up to, there's DIY, fashion and inspiration aplenty :)